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1. How does whitening work? 

a. Stains on teeth are caused by a variety of factors. Components of the whitening system work to break the stains up into smaller particles that are harder to be seen by the eye; thus the tooth appears to lighten.

2. Who can use the I Want White Teeth whitening system on their teeth? 

a. The manufacturers of this product advocate use for people 16 years and older. Whitening should be avoided by any person who has known allergies to any component of the whitening system. Whitening should also be used with caution in any person who has a number of resin (tooth-coloured) restorations or crown and bridge work in their mouth; restorations of this type WILL NOT lighten in colour and thus will result in colour discrepancies within the mouth. Any persons with known oral disease such as decay, periodontal/gum disease, etc should avoid this product. As stated in the precautions, pregnant and nursing women should not use this product. We always recommend consulting with your regular dental professional BEFORE undertaking any form of teeth whitening.

3. How will my results compare with those if I were to go to my dentist?

a. The I Want White Teeth custom tray system will offer the same results that would be offered by a dentist-fabricated at home system.

4. Do I need to talk to my dentist before I whiten my teeth? 

a. I Want White Teeth recommends that each person have an up to date dental exam before they begin whitening. Remember, any person with untreated oral disease, should avoid whitening their teeth until the disease is eliminated.

5. If I use more whitening gel or wear the trays longer than instructed, will my teeth get whiter faster? 

a. It is important not to use too much gel or to wear the trays too long. More is not better in the case of whitening. Also, overfilling the trays can lead to some tissue irritation.

6. How white can my teeth get? 

a. Depending on your initial shade, your teeth can get up to 6-11 shades whiterthis process is proven to whiten teeth but each individual is different and so it is impossible to predict the results.

7. How long will it take my teeth to get their whitest?

a. Anywhere from 1-3 weeks, depending on the initial shade of teeth and length of time worn. Remember that it may take longer for some teeth to whiten. Results may vary. Ultimately the number of uses required to achieve maximum results vary by individual and amount of initial discoloration.

8. What if I experience sensitivity of discomfort?

a. Few people may experience some degree of sensitivity. Sensitivity is usually short lived and tends to decrease as the whitening treatment progresses. Easing sensitivity may be as simple as using less gel or wearing the trays in shorter time intervals. I Want White Teeth does recommend that the initial application be limited to 10 minutes. If you experience sensitivity, try wearing the trays every day for just 15 minutes at a time, or wear every other day for 15-20 minutes. If you experience severe sensitivity, stop use and contact your dentist. In rare cases, some people may not be able to whiten their teeth.

9. Is it OK to swallow the whitening gel?

a. Yes, the whitening gel will not harm you in the quantities swallowed under normal use.

10. Are the results that I get from whitening permanent?

a. The results are not permanent, but can last from a few months to years depending on lifestyle habits and maintenance whitening.

11. What should I see in my impression to ensure that I am sending you enough information to make my custom tray? 
a. Good impressions are critical to sending you quality custom trays. We want to see as much of your gum line as possible; however, biting into the tray and impression material is the incorrect way of getting that line—just apply force with your fingers onto the tray and we should be able to see your gum line and make your tray fit.

12. How do I store my gels once I receive them and how long is their shelf-life?

a. All of your gels should be stored your refrigerator; however, for best results we recommend that you let the gels come to room temperature before using them for whitening purposes. Never freeze your syringes; and of course always protect your gels from heat and direct sunlight. If kept under the proper conditions some gels have a shelf-life of up to one year.

13. What do I do if the gel comes into contact with my eyes?

a. Your whitening gels are an irritant to your mucous membranes and therefore should be kept out of contact with all body tissues except for your teeth. If contact does occur, rinse the area with plenty of water and seek medical attention.

14. Will my fillings, crowns or other porcelain restorations whitening when I whiten my teeth? 

a. Unfortunately a permanent restoration is permanent and therefore the color of these restorations will not change when you whiten your teeth. We recommend that if you are to have any major dental work completed that you whiten your teeth to your desired shade prior to having permanent restorations placed to match your toot colour. 

15. Will your whitening system work to treat tetracycline or minocycline discolored teeth?

a. Treating tetracycline and minocycline stained teeth is possible through at-home systems; however, it must be understood that it will take a much longer period of time and effects are sometimes not as obvious. We recommend persons with such staining take an initial shade prior to beginning their whitening followed by rigid whitening for a period of several weeks; after several weeks duration another shade match should be taken to see if at-home whitening is a worth-while attempt.

16. When can I expect to receive my order?

Final orders, including the custom trays and Case are typically despatched within 7 days of the lab's receipt of the customer's teeth impressions (teeth moulds).

Peroxide free whitening kits and gels will be despatched within 24 hours of ordering. (Except Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays). offers a 30 day-100% money back guarantee on its custom tray products. If the customer is not satisfied, will work with the customer to re-fabricate a night guard until it fits or offer a full refund to the customer. For about 99% of our customers, the custom tray fits perfectly the first time. With the other 1%, we will make adjustments, re-fabricate or take a new impression if needed.  Our goal is to work with our customers until each customer is 100% satisfied.

I WANT WHITE TEETH hold both a Cosmetic Safety Report (now EU law) and a full Toxicology report for the products sold on this site.

THESE ARE BOTH EXPENSIVE TO PRODUCE AND A LEGAL REQUIREMENT, so beware of companies offering teeth whitening products that don’t hold them!!!

****Any misuse or use of this product outside of the enclosed instructions is not condoned by I Want White Teeth  and therefore, I Want White Teeth does not take responsibility for any repercussions that users might be subjected to due to their own mishandling of the product.****

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