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The Most Effective Whitening Treatment Available. Guaranteed...

Why pay up to £500 for just 1 laser teeth whitening session with no guarantee of the results you want?

Max the whiteness of your teeth with results that last up to 12 times longer than conventional Laser teeth whitening!!
Each laser whitening session takes just 20 minutes in the comfort of your own home!!
Custom or thermo tray teeth whitening stands alone as the very best option in comparison to all other teeth whitening methods; laser teeth whitening, strips, toothpastes, whitening pens and rinses. 9 out of 10 dentists consider tray teeth whitening as the gold standard in teeth whitening. Combined with our patented "Blue Light" Technology, you receive the benefits of custom or thermo tray teeth whitening with the speed of laser whitening!
If looked after your trays will last for years! No need for ongoing expensive laser top up treatments, once you have the custom / thermo trays, all you will ever have to purchase again is teeth whitening gel!
If opting for the custom tray kit, the easy to use tooth impression kit comes with detailed instructions and taking your teeth impressions at home is a simple and easy process. Once the teeth impressions are made they are mailed back to our Dental Lab in a pre-addressed mailer. Within seven days your custom teeth whitening trays arrive in a carrying case along with your laser light, gel and full instructions for use.

I WANT WHITE TEETH hold both a Cosmetic Safety Report (now EU law) and a full Toxicology report for the products sold on this site.

THESE ARE BOTH EXPENSIVE TO PRODUCE AND A LEGAL REQUIREMENT, so beware of companies offering teeth whitening products that don’t hold them!!!

Go with the gold standard of teeth whitening and order your custom or thermo laser teeth whitening kit dental lab direct from

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