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Bumper Gel Refill Pack!

I want white teeth

Bumper Gel Refill Pack!
  • £39.97

A bumper refill pack to keep the teeth pearly white!

Great for those with our kits, if you already have custom trays or if you have another whitening kit that requires more gel!!

The kit contains:

2 x 10ml Syringes  'I Want White Teeth' Professional Dental Strength Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Gel:

This is enough whitening gel for up to 30-40 complete applications (upper & lower arch).

  • Extremely low sensitivity
  • Extremely fast whitening results. Only 20 minutes (yes minutes!) whitening sessions are required to achieve a sparkling white smile in just days!
  • Highest quality, premium dental strength whitening gel
  • Enough included (2 x 10cc syringes) for initial whitening and ongoing maintenance whitening for up to 6 months!
  • Thick formula to ensure the whitening gel stays on teeth and within the tray. The whitening gels viscosity assures adherence to the tooth surface for fast results! The tooth whitening effect is achieved immediately!
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee that our tooth whitening gel will be as good if not better than other whitening treatments!
  • Safe and Simple to use, used worldwide by dentists!

2 x 3ml Re-Mineralising Gel

Why do I need to use remin gel?

  • Rebuilds the teeth enamel, gives your teeth a shiny, glossy look
  • It is a process in which minerals are returned to the molecular structure of the tooth itself
  • Remineralizing the teeth is necessary following a teeth whitening treatment at home or at a salon, to maintain the colour of your teeth
  • Helps prevent tooth decay and quickly and effectively reduces the pain of sensitive teeth often associated with thermal changes, tooth whitening, acids, sweets, recession, clenching/grinding and abrasion
  • Helps with teeth sensitivity


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